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EUROSTUDENT V annual report 2013

Thumb-image of Annual_Report_2013.pdf
EUROSTUDENT V annual report 2014 - 2015 (out of date)

Thumb-image of Annual_Report_2014_2015.pdf
Instructions on sample size for EUROSTUDENT V

Thumb-image of Initial_Sample_Size_EV_131229.pdf
Report on quality check 1

Thumb-image of EV_Quality_check_1_final.pdf
Report on quality check 2

Thumb-image of EV_Quality_check_2_draft.pdf
EV Overall project schedule

Thumb-image of Schedule_for_EUROSTUDENT_V_031213.pdf
Technical manual for the execution of the EUROSTUDENT survey in national settings

Thumb-image of Handbook_final_draft_070213.pdf
EV Manual for data processing and delivery

Thumb-image of EV_Coding_Instructions_261113.pdf
EV Technical manual for the execution of the Data Delivery Module

Thumb-image of Handbook_full_version_281013.pdf
EUROSTUDENT V annual report 2012

Thumb-image of EUROSTUDENT_annual_report_2012.pdf
EV Core Questionnaire

Thumb-image of Questionnaire_EV.pdf
EIV Core questionnaire (out of date)

Thumb-image of Questionnaire_EIV.pdf
EIV Data delivery handbook
(out of date)

Thumb-image of EIV_Data_Delivery_Handbook.pdf
EIV Handbook on executing EUROSTUDENT surveys in national settings
(out of date)

Thumb-image of Execution_of_surveys_in_national_settings.pdf
EIV Handbook on planning and executing national online surveys for EUROSTUDENT
(out of date)

Thumb-image of Planning_and_executing_nos.pdf
EIV Overall project schedule (out of date)

Thumb-image of Overall_project_schedule.pdf
EIV Project guidelines (out of date)

Thumb-image of ProjectGuidelines_EIV.pdf




EUROSTUDENT VI - Questionnaire Handbook

Thumb-image of EUROSTUDENT_VI_Questionnaire_Handbook.pdf
EUROSTUDENT VI - Instruction on data processing

Thumb-image of EVI_instructions_data_processing.pdf