Wednesday, June 15th

09:00-10:00 Registration
10:00-11:00 Welcome Speeches

Dominic Orr, International Project Coordinator of EUROSTUDENT, HIS, Germany

Prof. Dr. Martin Leitner, Chief Executive of HIS, Germany

Richard Deiss, European Commission

Andrea Herdegen, Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF), Germany

Charlotte Sahl-Madsen, Danish Minister of Science, Technology and Innovation, Denmark [link to speech]
11:00-12:00 Block A: EUROSTUDENT IV - achievements and challenges from an internal and external viewpoint

In this block we would like to discuss the achievements of EUROSTUDENT within the last decade. The first talk will take an internal perspective, presented by the project leader. The second talk will take an external perspective offered by the international expert on student research Professor Clancy.

E:IV - A European map of the social dimension of higher education in Europe and many national initiatives
Dominic Orr, HIS, Germany

Reliable data and policy-relevant analyses on the social dimension of European higher education - how well is EUROSTUDENT doing? Prof. Patrick Clancy, Dept. for Sociology, University College Dublin, Ireland

- Discussion with the floor -

Chair: Andrea Herdegen, Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF), Germany
12:00-13:30 Lunch
13:30-15:30 Block B: Presentation of key results of EUROSTUDENT IV

In this block selected results will be presented from the new Synopsis of Indicators. Following a presentation by each of the lead authors of the chapters, interesting national practices will be briefly highlighted and data users will be asked to make a statement on the results.
All participants at the conference will now receive a copy of the new Synopsis of Indicators.

  • Access to higher education

Key results in the eyes of the lead author
Dominic Orr, HIS, Germany

Widening access to higher education in the context of financial crisis
Prof. Patrick Clancy, University College Dublin, Ireland

The particular challenges of assuring equitable access to higher education in the wider European Higher Education Area
Natia Andguladze, Ilia State University, Georgia
15:30-16:00 Coffee break
  • Temporary international mobility during studies

Key results in the eyes of the lead author
Nicolai Netz, HIS, Germany

The Scandinavian discussion - report from the Nordic Council meeting
Elisabeth Hovdhaugen, NIFU, Norway

EUROSTUDENT data in the context of the Bologna Benchmark for mobility
Fernando Reis, EUROSTAT, Luxembourg
18:00 Close of first day
20:00 Conference Dinner
Sankt Annæ Plads 36
1250 Copenhagen

Thursday, June 16th

08:30-09:00 Registration
  • Student resources
    (cont. Block B)

The key results in the eyes of he lead author
Christoph Gwosć, HIS, Germany

The British discussion - current reform planes in England/Wales
Brenda Little, CHERI, Open University, United Kingdom

Social and financial dimensions of student halls (working title)
Achim Meyer auf der Heyde, German National Association for Student Affairs, Germany

The student perspective on funding issues - ESU's project "Financing the students' future"
Rasa Cincyte, ESU, Belgium
10:45-11:45 Block C: Discussion of key results in three parallel working groups

In this block three parallel working groups will discuss the presentations. At the conclusion of each working group's session, 2 key results will be selected.

  • Access to higher education
    Martin Unger, IHS, Austria

  • Student resources
    Brenda Little, CHERI, United Kingdom

  • Temporary international mobility
    Elisabeth Hovdhaugen, NIFU, Norway

(Coffee will be available)
11:45-12:15 Block C, cont.: Review of discussions in workshop groups and brief presentation of 6 key results from EUROSTDENT IV
Presentation: Brenda Little/ Martin Unger/ Elisabeth Hovdhaugen
12:15-13:00 Block D: Looking ahead for EUROSTUDENT

In this block we will have an open discussion with the new members of the EUROSTUDENT V consortia.
Representatives of the EUROSTUDENT FAMILY, MOST and LLLATE project consortia will make a brief statement on their plans for EUROSTUDENT in the next few years.

Chair: Dominic Orr / Martin Unger

- Change to Tietgenkollegiet -
13:30-14:00 International Press Interviews (in Tietgenkollegiet)

During the press conference national and international journalists will have the chance to discuss with the current EUROSTUDENT IV project consortium the project, its key results and the project's relevance for higher education reform.

13:15-14:30 Lunch
For conference attendees and persons attending the public debate (will be served in Tietgenkollegiet)

from 14:30 Block E: Public debate: "Danish higher education in the light of the results from EUROSTUDENT"
(in Tietgenkollegiet)

In this supplementary event, students and interested people from Danish higher education and Copenhagen will discuss the results from EUROSTUDENT in their Danish context (language of debate: English). For this purpose a special report was published: [link to special Danish report]

Chair: Tino Brömme, ESNA European Higher Education News

Magnus Pedersen, Chair of The National Union of Students in Denmark (DSF)

Stina Vrang Elias, Director of the think-tank DEA

Hans Henrik Saxild, Vice-Dean for Education, University of Copenhagen

Søren Friis Larsen, Deputy Director of The Danish Chamber of Commerce (DE)

Dominic Orr, Leader of EUROSTUDENT & HIS, Germany

Martin Unger, EUROSTUDENT & IHS, Austria
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