(Valetta harbour, Malta, 2013 by Paradasos)

Date: Thursday, 6th April 2017

Place: Malta

In spring of 2017, the EUROSTUDENT policy-makers conference will bring together ministry representatives from the countries participating in EUROSTUDENT VI, as well as other interested policy-makers and international stakeholders in Malta.

The conference will provide a first “sneak preview” of the fresh EUROSTUDENT data. Participants are invited to provide feedback and discuss the policy relevance of different topics and questions related to the socio-economic situation of students in the European Higher Education Area. Results of the conference will directly feed into the EUROSTUDENT Thematic Review, which will provide in-depth analysis on a topic of particular importance to policy makers drawing on the dataset collected through EUROSTUDENT VI. Discussions will also inform other project publications such as the Synopsis of Indicators and Intelligence Briefs.

Come to the conference to…
  • …get a sneak preview of EUROSTUDENT VI data
  • …gain in-depth insight into possible thematic review topics
  • …discuss preliminary results and provide feedback on their importance for policy development
  • …provide feedback on effective means of disseminating EUROSTUDENT VI findings
  • …learn more about different national situations regarding the social and economic conditions of student life
  • …network with fellow policy-makers involved in EUROSTUDENT VI from other countries


National Commission for Further and Higher Education, Malta
Malta Life Sciences Park San Gwann, SGN 3000, MALTA


DZHW-EUROSTUDENT Central Coordination Team
Lange Laube 12, 30159 Hannover, Germany