• Sweden, 14 January 2016

    Two briefs on the situation of students in Sweden; the economic situation for students and student mobility
    The briefs are selected results for Sweden and cover the students economic situation and student mobility. The surveys show for example that 20 percent of the Swedish students have been abroad on studies or study related activities and around half of the students gained full recognition of credits.

    EUROSTUDENT national reports
  • Serbia, 14 January 2016

    Towards Sustainable and Equitable Financing of Higher Education in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro and Serbia – FINHED
    This monograph includes four papers on the social dimension of higher education in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, and Serbia supported with data gained through EUROSTUDENT (in English).

  • Hannover, Germany, 01 January 2016

    Launch of EUROSTUDENT VI
    January 1st marked the start of the sixth round of EUROSTUDENT. The overarching goal of EUROSTUDENT VI remains to provide a broad policy-relevant cross-country comparison of data on the social dimension of European higher education. The results will be published in spring 2018.


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  • Vienna, 25 - 27 February 2015

    Final Conference - EUROSTUDENT V
    The final conference of EUROSTUDENT V will take place 25-27 February 2015 in Austria at the Business University (WU). The EUROSTUDENT consortium will present the results of the fifth round of EUROSTUDENT in connection with the release of the new EUROSTUDENT comparative report ”Synopsis of Indicators” ...
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  • Tallinn, 06 - 07 October 2014

    EUROSTUDENT Consortium Meeting
    To assure the overall coordination and management of the EUROSTUDENT V project, a consortium meeting will be held in Tallinn from 06 - 07 October 2014.
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