Project Organisation

International Steering Board

The Steering Board guides the EUROSTUDENT Consortium in its work. The Steering Board is composed of three representatives of fee-paying countries and five stakeholders. The three representatives of the fee-paying countries have been elected into the Steering Board by representatives of all fee-paying countries for the entire life of the project.

The Steering Board has the following main roles and tasks

  • Approval of annual report presented by DZHW
  • Approval of financial report and audit report
  • Discussion of quality development of the project
  • Strategic advice on the progress and on the future of the project
  • Settlement of disputes between consortium and fee-paying countries

Members of the EUROSTUDENT 8 Steering Board

  • Svein Hullstein European Commission
  • Horia Onița European Students' Union, Belgium
  • Ioannis Katsanevakis Bologna Follow Up Group, Greece
  • Dr. Marit Metternich Federal Ministry of Education and Research, Germany
  • Paul Persoon-Zeer Ministry of Education, Culture and Science (MinOCW), The Netherlands
  • Odile Ferry L’Observatoire national de la vie étudiante, France
  • Helga Posset Federal Ministry of Science, Research and Economy, Austria
  • Carina Hellgren Swedish Council for Higher Education

EUROSTUDENT VI Steering Board at their meeting in Berlin in October 2017