Project Organisation

Central coordination and consortium

The central coordination team is made up of a consortium with seven member organisations; each of these partners is assigned specific tasks. The German Centre for Higher Education Research and Science Studies (DZHW) in Hanover, Germany, is responsible for the management of the consortium.

Central coordination team (DZHW)

Partners of the consortium

  • Leadership of consortium and central coordination
  • External stakeholder relations
  • Budget management and accounting
  • Data analysis and reporting (Synopsis of Indicators, Thematic Report)
  • EUROSTUDENT VII Micro data set (Scientific Use File)
  • Team: Kristina Hauschildt, Britta Frankel, Christoph Gwosć, Eva Maria Vgtle, Hendrik Schirmer
  • Central coordination of national research teams
  • Supporting survey execution and data delivery
  • Checking of delivered data
  • Thematic Report
  • Team: Martin Unger, Sylvia Mandl, Philipp Droll, Robert Jhlke
  • Supporting national survey execution, central online survey tool
  • Supporting data delivery
  • EUROSTUDENT VII Micro data set (Scientific Use File)
  • Thematic Report
  • Team: Joris Cuppen, Kyra de Korte
  • Organisation of Researchers’ Forum
  • Thematic Review
  • Team: Kristina Masevičiūtė, Vaida aukeckienė
  • External communication and dissemination
  • Thematic Review
  • Team: Hanna-Stella Haaristo, Lee Maripuu, Sandra Haugas, Eve Mgi
  • Coordination with policy actors
  • Policy workshops
  • Final conference
  • Team: Madonna Maroun, Adam Liwak
  • Quality assurance
  • Team: Yassin Boughaba