• Hannover, Germany, 15 September 2016

    New EUROSTUDENT blog
    The new EUROSTUDENT blog will share news, updates, insights into the data, and other relevant information about the EUROSTUDENT project. It also provides important updates on the social dimension of higher education and students’ socio-economic situation in Europe.

  • Hannover, Germany, 26 May 2016

    A brief on income and purchasing power of students in Europe
    The latest EUROSTUDENT Intelligence Brief investigates students’ income. By applying a variant of the 'Big Mac Index' to control for purchasing power, differences in students’ average monthly incomes are reduced to some extent. How many burgers could students in your country afford?

  • Sweden, 15 February 2016

    A brief on the students’ time budget from the Swedish Higher Education Authority
    The survey shows that, assuming a normal study time of 37,5 to 45 hours per week, most of the full-time students spend full-time on study related activities, i.e. personal study time. The students’ responses reinforce the picture that higher education often consists of personal study time.



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  • Malta, 06 April 2017

    Policy-makers conference April 6th, 2017
    In spring of 2017, the EUROSTUDENT policy-makers conference in Malta will bring together ministry representatives from the countries participating in EUROSTUDENT VI, as well as other interested policy-makers and international stakeholders
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  • Vilnius, Lithuania, 01 - 02 February 2017

    Save the date! EUROSTUDENT Researchers’ Forum
    The aim of the EUROSTUDENT Researchers’ Forum is to provide inspiration on how to analyse and use the results of the EUROSTUDENT surveys, especially for in-depth analyses. The target group of the conference are mainly the researchers conducting the EUROSTUDENT survey at the national level. The ...
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